A miracle, diabetes related gangrene cured!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

In danger of foot being amputated.
Mr Lim(67 years old), was slowly being incapacitated by diabetes. A stroke, brought on by a combination of the diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol followed by worsening gangrene in the foot had reduced him to lying in bed.

"I couldn't stand on my foot, let alone walk," Mr Lim laments, adding that his doctor had put him on a strict diet which he hated.

At that point a friend visited him and suggested that he try di-BTRIM, a new product on the market that had reportedly been very effective in healing diabetes related gangrene. Mr Lim began taking the di-BTRIM, two capsules a day, and within 2 or 3 days he noticed that his foot had begun to dry up.

At that stage Lim had to pay regular visits to his doctor, who was amazed at the healing taking place. Not only was his foot healing but the doctor recorded that Lim's blood pressure and blood cholesterol were dropping. So much so that after a month and a half Mr Lim was rejoicing at the fact that his doctor had given him permission to drink coffee and eat biscuits again.

3 months after Mr Lim began taking di-BTRIM, he was able to stand on his foot again and walk around without needing the help of someone else. "di-BTRIM gave him his life back," Mrs Lim, his wife, says.

After 2 months, Mr Lim's foot is almost totally healed. Just a month later it was totally healed and he was able to walk around on it.

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