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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Testing blood sugar levels.
In ancient China, people observed that ants were attracted to some sickly people's urine, thus naming the disease the "Sweet Urine Disease." We now know this disease as diabetes, from the Greek word diabainein, which means siphon. It was the Greek physician Aretus who was responsible for bringing this chronic metabolic disease to the attention of the modern world after observing that many of his patients were passing water as if being poured through them like a siphon.

Ask anyone who suffers from diabetes and they will be quick to tell you that beside their glucose excessive blood and urine there is nothing sweet about having diabetes. It is one of the biggest killers world wide and with the changing lifestyles of the modern world is on the rise. With no known medical cure yet, prevention and limiting the effects of diabetes has become a focus of the medical fraternity world wide.

At this stage it must be noted that there are several different types of diabtes. Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes. Apparently there is no way to prevent Type 1 diabetes  but the risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes can be reduced considerably by controlling ones weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle of a balanced diet, regular exercise and reducing stress triggers in ones life.

For many years sufferers of diabetes were condemned to a shortened life of pain and many restrictions
on the quality of life they could lead. Recent scientific research into how lifestyle choices affect lifespans and the quality of life diabetes patients lead has given many people a hand of hope up though.

Regular exercise, following a healthy eating plan and keeping stressful situations down to a minimum have been shown to improve the length and quality of life of diabetes affected people. Another ray of hope has been the introduction of 100% organic and herbal products onto the market. One such product is di-BTRIM, which helps sufferers in more ways than one. Based on recent scientific research which shows that our bodies Adult Stem Cells are our very own natural healers, di-BTRIM goes about restoring imbalances in ones body and improving the functioning of the body's organs. The precise composition of the powerful ingredients in di-BTRIM also target secondary diseases associated with diabetes, like high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, strokes etc. Patients using di-BTRIM have noticed marked improvements in their health just weeks after beginning their first course.

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